Helios d.d.

Projects relating to environment

Helios Group, as a socially responsible company cares for the continuous performance of long-term projects, which are directed towards protection of nature in favour of our people.

To develop and market intelligent, customer-tailored solutions and quality products which enhance appearance and prolong usability.

We are a leading manufacturer of coatings in South Eastern Europe with approximately 2,200 employees in more than thirthy companies in seventeen countries. We follow with our knowledge, experience and hard work our vision – to be ranked among the first ten leading producers of paints and lacquers in Europe. Besides business excellence we pride with permanent fulfilment of the expectations of the main elements: owners, employees, business partners and environment. With our activities we have been upgrading the status of our reputable company, of which we are very proud, we as the employees, as well as our narrow and wider social environment.

The Helios Group nurtures a responsible and partnership relationship towards the social environment and individuals as reflected both within the scope of the Helios Group and on the local, national and international levels.