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Helios Group consists of more than 40 different companies, which bring unique experience, tradition and invaluable knowledge to our family. This enables our flexible handling, harmonised with specific segments. On the firmly set basis we have built perspective fundament for a quick and stable growth and mutual relationship with the environment.

With the well considered and strategically supported mergers the Group has constantly extended and has grown stronger ; thus the Group offers a wide and quality assortment of products to the customers. The systematically connected network of companies gives to Helios Group the role of the leading producer of paints and enamels in the South Eastern Europe, the clearly set vision set a new challenge for us – to be ranked among ten leading producers of paints and lacquers in the whole Europe. Further to our successful business operations we particularly pride with responsible relationship to employees, consumers and environment, which is confirmed by the numerous European certificates.

In view of the size and branching of the Group our products involve many application areas, which are based on the specific needs and requirements of individual markets. The detailed arrangement of the production-sales programme is presented in the menu option Production programme.