Coatings for metal industry

Coatings for metal industry are a very important part of Helios Group R&D and sales. Their quality, functional properties and different usability satisfy wide range of requirements in various industries and markets. Due to our orientation to environmental friendly products that reduce the emission of volatile carbon hydrogens, we substantially supplemented our program of products, adding eco-friendly products on water basis and coatings with higher solid substance to the standard coatings on solvent basis. The part of our production is based on ‘mix’ systems, which enable quick fulfilment of practically all customers’ wishes for a specific coating quality, color shade and quantity.

With the coatings for metal industry, the right selection of a coating is very important. It depends on many factors like product type, construction, exposure to different atmospheric and other stress, technologic possibility and other influences that our experts are able to recognise, also following most up to date trends. That is why only the correctly chosen protection system, quality surface preparation and application may guarantee a long life span of protected facility and the customer’s satisfaction.

The years of knowledge and experiences make Helios experts the right partner to consult with about the most suitable and satisfying solution for every need of our customer.

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