Automotive OEM Coatings

As a certified partner of the international automotive industry, Helios offers coatings and solutions for automotive original equipment manufacturers and a wide range of products for the refinish segment.

In the OEM coatings segment, competition in the paint market had always been based on the manufacturer’s ability to provide a coating which satisfied the variety of customer performance requirements. Helios is a manufacturer of automotive coatings for over 30 years and have rich experience and knowledge in production of base coat enamels, primers, clear coats and paints for plastic-coated parts although we are licensed manufacturer.


Helios has developed technology, quality control, modern technical equipment and support, which corresponds to production of the highest standards. We have commitment to innovation and technology to support our coatings system at every step in the manufacturing process. Our capacity for OEM coatings is approximately 400 tons / month.

Nevertheless, with other segments (Car Refinishing and Metal Industry Coatings) we follow development trends and supplement sales programme with new products. In view of this we have also been developing formulations for new colour shades of car paints, whereby we compete independently to other producers.

Helios is a holder of certificates ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001.