Commercial Transportation

Helios brings its decades of experience in the auto industry and its expertise in anti-corrosive systems to the commercial transportation sector, which includes all vehicles that transport both humans and cargo. These days trucks, truck rigs, ATVs, and trailers all have specific and demanding requirements regarding the stability of their coating systems, their anti-corrosive properties, and their decorative elements.

Knowledge and experience ensures development of perfect solution for your needs and requirements

TruckThe demands for high quality in this segment are even stronger than in the auto industry, as commercial transport vehicles endure much higher levels of exposure and extreme conditions. Truck rigs, for instance, must be outfitted not only for extreme weights, but also for abrasion when transporting sand, gravel, or ore, and even for health regulations if their freight is grain or corn. Various chemical resistances and durability during cleaning are some of the most common requirements.

Reliable Railway Solutions with Certified Systems

TrainA special part of our coating systems is reserved specifically for railway cars. These coating systems were developed, selected, and tailored to meet our customers’ needs, which is attested by our countless certificates and references. Railtec Railway Coating Systems are the result of extensive in-house expertise, and have been applied to railway cars from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and from Narvik to Istanbul. Our systems coat passenger cars, electric and diesel trains, locomotives, and freight cars, and the many institutions who have confirmed the excellence of our products prove consumer confidence in our range of solutions.

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