Core Plate Varnish & Coil Coatings

Core plate varnishes

More than 30 years of experience in developing and producing chromium-free and 100% RoHS-compliant coatings for CRNO electrical steel strips and stampings makes the Helios Group company Rembrandtin the market leader in core plate varnishes.

Remisol Core Plate Varnishes are waterborne and heat curing coatings developed to insulate electrical steel. Their outstanding insulating properties reduce eddy current losses of electrical devices, thus enhancing their efficiency.

Insulated core plates are used in motors, generators, transformers and other electromagnetic poles. The linear magnets of the magnetic levitation train Transrapid in Shanghai are, for example, coated with a Remisol Core Plate Varnish.

During the further processing of electrical steel, Remisol coatings enhance, above all, the punchability, but also other properties such as good weldability and annealing resistance. For all these requirements, Rembrandtin offers a range of tailor-made products. We focus on the development of environmentally friendly, of course chromium-free, low-emission varnishes. Hence our coatings are free of heavy metals like chromium and fully comply with relevant EU directives likes RoHS. (2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment).

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Coil Coating

Coil coating is currently one of the most efficient and highly sophisticated process for coating the metal substrate (steel or aluminum). It this continuous, fully automated process the final products come out as fully protected steel or aluminum sheets rolled in coil, and ready to use for further fabrication. Such products are most used for the building and construction, appliance, automotive, and other end user industries.


Helios produces high quality coatings for coil coating application, which are carefully formulated to meet all high demanded mechanicals, chemicals and UV resistance properties. Also we are able to meet all specific characteristics of different kind of coil coating lines. To meet all different customers’ demands we formulate coatings with very specific characteristics, which is possible due to the fact that we have our own development and production of resins, the raw matherial for coil coating products.


Our products portfolio includes wide range of different types of primers, top coats enamels and back coats. Highly professional team with a lot of experiences will consult the best solution for every demand.

Helios is a member of the prestigious European Coil Coating Association (ECCA).