Protective coatings

The most important aspect of controlling corrosive processes is preventing them from ever happening by using protective coatings. Protective coatings must be completely reliable, as trust in our coating systems is of crucial importance for all users of anti-corrosive materials in their work on oil rigs, bridges, reservoirs, hydropower plants, and pipelines.

Our solutions always exceed international standards and are designed in light of our keen awareness of the importance of controlling corrosive processes. Everything we produce is dependable, optimal, and completely tailored to our users’ specific needs.

Let our experience speak for itself

  • Our coating systems adhere to the most important values of safety, dependability, and trust what we offer our clients works perfectly.
  • We ensure that all our coating systems are strong enough to exceed their desired life expectancy, which we verify with references and proof that they meet all standards.
  • We update our archive of reference buildings on a monthly basis.
  • We realize that only direct collaboration between our world-class, certified experts and construction workers on-site can lead to the proper protection of metal surfaces.


The following top-level services are provided along with our coating systems in our protective coatings segment:

  • Our experts visit your location to make an assessment of your existing protective solution.
  • We then make optimized proposals and create the technologies necessary for the required life expectancy of your building or project.
  • We take measurements and provide monitoring in the application phase.

Some of the structures our coating systems protect

  • Road infrastructure: bridges, viaducts, guard rails, vertical signage, drainage pipes
  • Railroad infrastructure: bridges, tunnels, electrical networks, signalization, and handling equipment
  • Ports: cranes, piers, pipelines, silos, cisterns, auxiliary facilities
  • Petroleum industry: rigs and pumps, warehouses, reservoirs, and pipelines
  • Construction: steel structures
  • Electric industry: hydropower plants, thermal plants, nuclear plants, electrical distribution networks (pylons and power lines).


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