Master Classes

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we adopted our MASTER CLASSES program 2020. IKI Symposia and Webinars that are still planned to take place are listed below. However, we cannot predict, if there will still be additional changes, postponements or cancellations in the near future. We will keep you up to date on this website.

If you are interested in one of the MASTER CLASSES listed below, you can also write us an e-mail via the contact form below and we will keep you informed about this specific event.

Thank you for your understanding! Stay healthy!

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Planned Workshops

Title Segment Date Location/Country Language
Optimize your Coating Processes with E-Static General Industry 12.05.2020 Świętochłowice / Poland Polish
Fire Protection General Industry 13.05.2020 Zagreb / Croatia Croatian
Protective Coatings Protective Coatings 9.06.2020 Vienna / Austria English
Coating Basics Boot Camp General Industry 10.-11.06.2020 Količevo / Slovenia English
CSI Coatings (Analytics) General Industry 9.09.2020 Količevo / Slovenia English
ACE Coatings ACE Coatings 17.09.2020 Medvode / Slovenia English
High Heat Resistant Coatings High Heat Resistance 22.09.2020 Vienna / Austria English
Coloristic General Industry 6.10.2020 Količevo / Slovenia English
Powder Coating Solutions Powder Coatings 13.10.2020 Buchholz-Mendt / Ger German
Coating Basics Boot Camp General Industry 17.-18.11.2020 Vienna / Austria German
Artificial Weathering / Testing General Industry 25.11.2020 Količevo / Slovenia English

Planned IKI Symposia

Title Segment Date Location/Country Language
IKI Symposium Railway Coatings Railway Coatings 15.09.2020 Russia English/Russian
IKI Symposium ACE, Truck & Trailers ACE Coatings 7.10.2020 Austria EN, GER, IT, PL, RUS
IKI Symposium Protective Coatings Protective Coatings 21.10.2020 Slovenia English/Slovene
IKI Symposium ACE Coatings ACE Coatings 10.-11.11.2020 Ukraine Ukrainien

Helios Webinars

ID Webinar Date
HMC21 CUI – Corrosion under Insulation 7.02.2020
HMC22 DIN EN ISO 12944 15.05.2020
HMC23 Zinc Flake Coating Systems 3.07.2020
HMC24 DTM/Monolayer 25.09.2020
HMC25 Ultra High Solids 11.12.2020